When multi-tasking goes to the extreme

September 1, 2008 on 8:15 am | In Daily Universically | No Comments

So I’m having a busy week. Somehow I have timed a visit from my mother, a week of intensive classes on gender and violence for my masters as well as a workplace that is walking precariously on the line between order and chaos all to happen on the last five days. To say I’m stretched a bit thin is to say that the Earth is slightly sphere shaped.

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When Neurons Collide…

July 15, 2008 on 10:29 am | In Musings | 2 Comments

moonI’ve had one of those weeks this week where one idea or concept has taken hold in my mind and I can’t let it go.

It all started when I caught Cosmos on TV on the weekend after a lazy sleep in. My mind was still half asleep. I turn on Carl Sagan and start absorbing the concept of hindu philosophy compared with that of big bang science.  

Now, please do not attempt this at home folks. Unless you wish to spend the rest of your week continously thinking.


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The Blog That First Cometh….

July 5, 2008 on 12:18 pm | In Contemplative Cally, Musings | 3 Comments

Wow. The first blog. I hope that maybe some profound thoughts and observations will be forthcoming in my blogging but somehow I think that it will be mostly full of mad rambling, swearing and general idiocy.  Best laid intentions and all that. Continue reading The Blog That First Cometh…….

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